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Every Thing Has A Place...

Professional Organization Services
in the Tampa Area

What We Do?

An organized space gives a sense of calm. It provides clear concise purposes for your place, persons, and things. We organize your space to provide improved functionality and productivity.

How We Make It Better?

We help you to maximize and create more space in your home/office, save more money, and operate in a less stressed and chaotic environment.


We Make Organization As Easy As 1-2-3

How Do You Get Started?

Well Organized Closet



We make it so easy to get started. Just click the Contact Now button and we will reach out to you. We can’t wait to meet you.


After you contact us, we will reach out to discuss your space and schedule a consultation.




After you receive your organization plan and estimate, we set a date to start transforming your space. This is the fun part!

Who Needs Our Services?

Have you ever been late looking for keys, outfits, and other essential items to get you out the door for your day?

Have you purchased grocery items just to get home and realize you had an abundance of that item in your pantry/refrigerator already?

Are you tense/stressed in your home or workspace due to disorder?

We address these issues and so Much More…..

What Are Our Clients Saying?

Read Client Testimonials

123 Organize Me Was Phenomenal!

My experience with 123 Organize Me was phenomenal! I just recently completed my doctoral program and was making a huge state-to-state move after graduation, with a very limited timeframe to work around. I needed to pack up my apartment and organize my belongings for the movers to transport my things effectively and safely. It was a very overwhelming task to tackle, but I’m so glad I received the expertise and help from Erika! She was instrumental in organizing and suggesting tactics that made every part of the process seamless. She has such a pleasant and warm demeanor and that helped to put me at ease with the stress of moving. Personality, professionalism, affordability, and expertise were all present in this experience — I would absolutely recommend her services time and time again!! Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


They Are Simply The Best

I was hesitant to contact 123 Organize Me because I was afraid that they would suggest I toss out most of my belongings. I was amazed to see that just by organizing things in a contained space, it made more space available in my closet without getting rid of all my things. They are simply the best and I highly recommend them!

-Kayla T.

Prompt, Personal and Knowledgeable

We are so pleased with the pantry refresh by 123 Organize Me. They were prompt, personal and extremely knowledgeable about effective systems meeting our needs. The organization of our pantry helps me easily see what items I have and what items I need; I am already saving money on our grocery bill. I enthusiastically recommend 123 Organize Me!

-The Gores

Spices in Jars


Neatly Folded Linen


Wooden Furniture


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